The European AI Office established within the European Commission is dedicated to supporting the development and use of trustworthy AI while mitigating AI risks It serves as the center of

Multicenter clinical studies play a pivotal role in medical research but the traditional approach of centralizing data analysis poses significant challenges From privacy concerns to logistical bottlenecks these hurdles hinder

In a pivotal step toward advancing data driven healthcare the TRUMPET project recently hosted a consortium meeting in Cesena Italy accompanied by an insightful healthcare conference The project is a

A new opportunity to get inside the topic of TRUMPET project gaining useful insight for Federated Learning application in healthcare On December 4th Dr Zakaria Chihani from CEA will held

Over many centuries medical science has accumulated a vast and profound knowledge of the human body and how treatments can heal diseases However some biological processes are too complex to

TRUMPET exchange Talks workshop on GDPR In today 8217 s digital age data protection and privacy are paramount especially in the field of healthcare research To shed light on this