Steering the future in the right direction: introducing the new European AI office

The European AI Office, established within the European Commission, is dedicated to supporting the development and use of trustworthy AI while mitigating AI risks. It serves as the center of AI expertise and lays the groundwork for a unified European AI governance system. The AI Act, a comprehensive legal framework on AI, ensures safety, trustworthiness, and protection of fundamental rights across the EU’s 27 Member States.

Key tasks of the European AI Office

The European AI Office undertakes a series of pivotal tasks aimed at advancing the responsible and effective deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across the European Union (EU). Main job of the office will be:

  • Supporting the AI Act and enforcing rules for general-purpose AI models.
  • Developing tools, methodologies, and benchmarks for evaluating AI capabilities and risks.
  • Strengthening the development and use of trustworthy AI across the EU.
  • Fostering international cooperation and governance on AI.
  • Monitoring the AI ecosystem, technological developments, and emerging risks.
  • Collaborating with institutions, experts, stakeholders, and the European AI Alliance.

Opportunities for engagement with the European AI Office

Job opportunities will soon be available for policy, technical, legal work, and administrative assistance. Also external experts and stakeholders can contribute to the work of the AI Office through dedicated fora. Stay updated on AI developments and opportunities through the European AI Office’s updates and initiatives.
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