TRUMPET project joins six others for Crosstalk event in Brussels

A major event is set to take place in Brussels on the 29th of this month, as seven European projects funded by the EU will come together for a Crosstalk event.

Also TRUMPET project will take part. Indeed, the project is directly involved in the organization of the event with our dissemination manager, Dr.Francesco Ghini.

The project crosstalks will be hosted by IRST international office in Brussels, and it will offer an opportunity for the various projects to discuss opportunities for collaboration and to receive guidance from project officers from European Commission, Dr. Ioannis Vouldis.

European project involved are:


 The event will also feature a presentation of the project by project coordinator of TRUMPET, Dr. Alicia Jimenez from Gradiant, highlighting the progress and achievements of the project. 

This event is a significant step towards promoting greater cooperation and coordination in the field of research, and promises to be an exciting and insightful occasion for all those involved.

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