Trustworthy AI, tooling up the methods – TRUMPET exchange Talks

Trustworthy AI, tooling up the methods Speaker: Zakaria Chihani, CEA Abstract of the event: The need to assess and validate the trustworthiness of AI (robustness, transparency, safety, security, etc.) has been the subject of considerable academic work for some time now. One of the natural evolution of such research efforts is to have a tangible […]

TRUMPET exchange Talks

GDPR for ensuring health data privacy in research Speakers: Olena Barda and Siyanna Lilova – TIME.LEX The virtual “Workshop on the GDPR for ensuring health data privacy in research” aims to introduce you to the General Data Protection Regulations and provide you with an understanding of its key principles and requirements. We’ll focus on the […]

European beating cancer plan: 2 years on

The European Beating Cancer Plan outlines a range of initiatives and actions to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care, with the goal of reducing the burden of cancer on individuals, families, and society as a whole. The conference will provide a forum for sharing the situation about research funding initiatives and health innovations in […]