Trustworthy AI, tooling up the methods: register for the upcoming TRUMPET Exchange Talks

A new opportunity to get inside the topic of TRUMPET project, gaining useful insight for Federated Learning application in healthcare. On December, 4th, Dr. Zakaria Chihani, from CEA will held a seminar titled ” Trustworthy AI, tooling up the methods”. REGISTER TO THE WEBINAR AI model: ensuring trustworthiness is a focal point In the ever-evolving […]

TRUMPET exchange Talks: workshop on GDPR

TRUMPET exchange Talks: workshop on GDPR In today’s digital age, data protection and privacy are paramount, especially in the field of healthcare research. To shed light on this critical topic, we invite you to join our upcoming virtual workshop: “Workshop on GDPR for Ensuring Health Data Privacy in Research.” Understanding GDPR in healthcare The General […]

Uses and application of Privacy Enhancing Technologies

privacy enhancing technology europena commission

Privacy Enhancing Technologies, also known as PETs, encompass a diverse range of tools aimed at maximizing the protection of individuals’ privacy. According to the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), PETs are defined as[1] “software and hardware solutions, i.e. systems encompassing technical processes, methods or knowledge to achieve specific privacy or data protection functionality or […]

Federated learning in healthcare

Electronic Health record Federated learning

In today’s digital age, the use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has become increasingly important for healthcare providers and patients. EHRs allow for the seamless sharing of patient information among healthcare providers, which is vital for ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. However, the implementation of EHRs has proven to be a challenging […]

TRUMPET project hosts successful crosstalk event in Brussels

On March 28th, the TRUMPET project organized a highly successful event at the IRST International Office in Brussels. The event, called Crosstalk between funded European projects, brought together a range of projects involved in promoting innovation and research in the healthcare field. The European funded projects involved in the crosstalk The event was aimed at […]

TRUMPET project joins six others for Crosstalk event in Brussels

A major event is set to take place in Brussels on the 29th of this month, as seven European projects funded by the EU will come together for a Crosstalk event. Also TRUMPET project will take part. Indeed, the project is directly involved in the organization of the event with our dissemination manager, Dr.Francesco Ghini. […]

Federated learning: a useful tool for privacy-preserving machine learning

Federated learning is a powerful tool for privacy-preserving machine learning. The traditional approach to machine learning involves collecting data from a large number of sources and centralizing it in a single repository. However, this approach can raise privacy concerns, as the sensitive data used to train the models is stored and processed by a third-party. […]