Preserve data privacy, enhance AI research in healthcare.

The aim of TRUMPET project is to develop a platform based on Armoured Federated Learning
for researchers and solution developers. 

The platform developed by TRUMPET consortium will enable solution developers to create tools for healthcare professionals that allow them
to analyze their own patient data and compare it with data from other hospitals and research centers while maintaining
patient privacy and anonymity in accordance with GDPR European policy.


Increase protection in Federated Learning for its proliferation in scientific community

Identify specific privacy threats related to Federated Learning

Create novel metrics for measuring privacy compliance and develop tools for automated measurement of privacy in Federated Learning

Perform a legal study on GDPR implication in Federated learning


Identify and evaluate specific needs of data user for Federated Learning improving

Contribute to EU policy making processes on Cybersecurity and GDPR compliance

Give a safe access to patient data keeping them protected and anonymous

Rise the interest of citizen on diagnosis and therapies AI-based


Attract software houses that are interested in the application of TRUMPET platform

Present to other data providers the opportunity of TRUMPET platform

Explore the utilization of TRUMPET platform in diverse fields.

5 reasons for promoting the use
of federated learning by TRUMPET project

Federated learning can improve the accuracy of medical predictions and diagnoses by training models on a larger and more diverse dataset

By keeping patient data on the device, federated learning enables healthcare organizations to comply with strict privacy regulations and protect sensitive information

Federated learning can facilitate the development of AI models for use in remote or low-resource areas, providing access to life-saving technologies for patients in need

The decentralized nature of federated learning allows for the collaboration of healthcare providers and researchers from around the world, leading to faster advancements in medical research and treatment

Federated learning can help healthcare organizations achieve their goals of providing personalized and effective care for their patients, improving overall health outcomes

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